branding, visual identity, communication strategy


Client: Voda Vrnjci
Services: Branding & Visual Identity
Years: 2012

branding, visual identity, packaging

We agreed with the client that we want a premium brand — bottled water of the highest quality in Serbia. The design followed the same premiss: our water is more than just any “ordinary” water. So our main goal was to define the right way to build the image and to position the brand.

How do you promote a high-quality product that speaks for itself? Through packaging. We created a glass bottle, non-returnable (0,33 and 0,75l), found only in prestigious HoReCa objects (no PET bottles, not available at stores). The bottle had to be special: solid, modern and stylish, reminding of similar high-end brands worldwide.

branding, visual identity, logo
branding, visual identity, logo, logotype, typography