branding, visual identity, communication strategy, website development, digital marketing

Marbella International University Centre

Client: Marbella International University Centre
Services: Brand Creation & Positioning | Communication Strategy | Digital Marketing & Social Media campaigns
Years: 2012-2015

visual identity, communication strategy, typography
photography, website development
brand creation, branding, visual identity, logo genesis, coat of arms development, heraldry, heraldic
branding, visual identity, logo, logotype
branding, visual identity, printed material, memo, memorandum, business card
branding, visual identity, printed material, folder, brochure
branding, visual identity, website development, website design

Social Media & Digital Marketing

In the school’s opening year, we successfully ran a global cross-channeled digital campaign in 26 different countries on 6 continents. Simultaneously as brand awareness and conversion-based, i.e focused on enrolling students into degree programmes. 

In addition to Google AdWords PPC & Display/Remarketing campaigns, we ran the school’s Facebook Account with narrow-targeted display advertising aiming at potential students. Moreover, we continued to build organic reach in search engines through blog posts & specialised SEO articles.