Marbella International University Centre

Client: Marbella International University Centre
Services: Brand Creation & Positioning | Communication Strategy | Digital Marketing & Social Media campaigns
Years: 2012-2015

Marbella International University Centre - MIUC is one of the projects we were involved with from their very inception. Using a grounds-up approach, our tasks included:

  • Devising the Brand Identity
  • Outlining a detailed Communication Strategy
  • Writing and optimising content for search engines - SEO
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Generating prospective student leads through Digital Marketing activities on Google and Facebook platforms
Marbella International University Centre

The private education industry is one of the most competitive in the world. In such setting, creating a university brand was a considerable undertaking, with strategic and day-to-day operations on multiple levels. Our main challenge was penetrating a saturated market based on reputation and peer-to-peer networks. 

Marbella International University Centre

The Logo

In creating the University's logo, we wanted to emphasise heritage, tradition and excellence. The logo is based around Marbella's coat of arms, using secondary graphic elements like medieval arrows to convey a sense of action, determination and achievement. Likewise, a premium golden yellow as the choice of colour reflects the school’s standards and commitment to modern high-end education.

Marbella International University Centre
Marbella International University Centre

Branding & Identity

MIUC is a private academic institution based in south of Spain, with an aim of "providing a new kind of learning experience based on an advanced curriculum, cutting-edge technology and a unique living environment." Its courses are fully taught in English, with on-campus facilities that are in many aspects unrivalled to most of similar schools in Europe. 

Taking into account the client's location - the glitzy coastline resort of Marbella, as well as the school’s commitment to a contemporary skills-based approach to higher education, we've created the corresponding visual identity and communication strategy to serve as a blueprint for all forthcoming digital marketing activities.

Marbella International University Centre
Marbella International University Centre
Marbella International University Centre

Social Media & Digital Marketing

In the school’s opening year, we successfully ran a global cross-channeled digital campaign in 26 different countries on 6 continents. Simultaneously as brand awareness and conversion-based, i.e focused on enrolling students into degree programmes. 

In addition to Google AdWords PPC & Display/Remarketing campaigns, we ran the school’s Facebook Account with narrow-targeted display advertising aiming at potential students. Moreover, we continued to build organic reach in search engines through blog posts & specialised SEO articles.

Last but not the least, the university's website: was designed and programmed by us back in 2012, with customised built-in CMS and SEO plugins. Light as a breeze, quick as a wink.